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Addis Restaurant unique in London

Unlike other restaurants, Addis is a unique Ethiopian restaurant in the heart of London. At Addis Restaurant our objective is to make our customers happy with hospitality and prices that cannot be found anywhere else.

Addis is the only restaurant in its kind which serves a different starter before the main meal. Traditionally Ethiopian meals do not start with a starter.  This tradition does not stop us from offering you starter. Our unique style creates a harmony between the Ethiopian and Western food culture.  Our objective is to make our customers feel at home and at the same time get an uncompromised experience from authentic Ethiopian food.

Here at Addis Restaurant we do not compromise on the taste and quality of our Ethiopian food. To taste the real Ethiopian food and have an unforgettable experience, then the right place for you, your friends and loved ones has to be Addis Restaurant.  To find out more about us, please look at our web section: Addis on Press

Here, unlike other Ethiopian restaurants, our Dulet (well chopped lamb tripe, liver, red meat  cooked with Ethiopian spices) is always available  fresh and absolutely delicious. It is also highly recommended for those on the Atkins diet.  In addition to our unique food we also serve you imported Ethiopian beers and wine.

One of the greet cuisine in UK is fish and chips.  Unlike English tradition, Ethiopians does not serve fish with chips. However we have long tradition on fish dietary. Unlike other restaurant, Addis restaurant has brought you a unique Ethiopian fish cuisine. We serve  Asa Tibs (fried fish) deep fried tilapia with variety of salad and potatoes.

As you may already know, the Ethiopians have a unique way of drinking coffee, in the way the Japanese drink their tea.  In line with tradition, Addis Restaurant offers you the full Ethiopian coffee ceremony. To learn how the Ethiopians drink their coffee please looks at our web section on the traditional coffee ceremony: Bunna

Our entertainment program with traditional and modern Ethiopian live music runs every Sunday from 18:30pm until 22.30pm (except Ethiopian long fasting season from 2nd March to 5th May). To have a good time that starts early in the evening, the right place is Addis Restaurant!

At Addis restaurant we have a non-smoking section too.  To book a particular table please go to our web section to book a table online: Online Booking